Computer Pros, Back To School Tech Guide

Tax-free weekend is coming up in Tennessee, and many students and their parents are getting ready to spend — and save! — big on back to school computers, iPads, laptops, and other tech accessories. Nashville Computer PROS has everything you need to get the school year started off right, as well as the expertise to help you find the perfect product for your needs and budget. The team at Computer PROS has more than 50 years of combined experience in technology, and our Green Hills store has been helping Nashvillians stay connected for over 6 years. Not sure where to start on your back to school shopping list? We’ve outlined some of our most popular products below. Take a look and feel free to contact us if you have a question!

Back to School Tech Products for 2016

Mac laptops: Computer PROS has a selection of the latest laptops from Apple, and they continue to be some of our top-selling products. These high-quality computers are fast, light, and powerful — perfect for a student who needs a reliable laptop on the go. Mac laptops are known for their sturdy designs, long battery life, and slim, high-resolution displays. Furthermore, many students who own iPhones prefer Macs because these computers’ easy-to-use operating systems allows them to easily sync files across devices. During the weekend of July 29-31, enjoy tax-free purchases on any item under $1,500, such as:

  • MacBook
  • MacBook Pro (13 inch)
  • MacBook Air (11 and 13 inch)
  • iMac (21.5 inch)
  • Mac Mini

PC laptops: Shop for a PC laptop and browse brands like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, and Toshiba at Computer PROS. Acer’s VN7 laptop line continues to receive rave reviews for its solid performance and sleek design. With dedicated graphics, it can handle professional video and even high-end gaming. The Lenovo ThinkPad T460 is a perfect fit for students thanks to its great keyboard, nine-hour battery life, durable design, and affordable price. Lenovo’s T460 weighs less than four pounds, has a texture perfect for gripping on the go, a bright, high-quality screen, and 4 GB of RAM. These PC laptops, among many others you’ll find at Computer PROS, are perfect for students seeking a durable and user-friendly laptop to write papers, take notes, and conduct equations — as well as listen to music, upload photos, and email their friends.

Storage: Back up those final exam papers, theses, and presentations on an external storage device to make sure you have access to your most important files, anytime, anywhere. Computer PROS’ selection of external hard drives range from small, portable hard drives like G-Drive’s 500GB drives to large hard drives like G-RAID drives which have up to 8 TB of storage.

iPads: iPads are ideal for reading papers, tracking assignments, and keeping up with day-to-day coursework. Ranging from 0.67 to 1.57 pounds, these iPads are feather-light and fit for carrying in your backpack or tote. Their set of creative apps and touchscreens also make them a must-have for many graphic design and art students. Computer PROS offers a full range of iPads, including:

  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air

We also offer a selection of tablets from other brands like Samsung, Dell, and HP.

Accessories: The right accessories can streamline student life and make completing assignments a breeze. Stop by Computer PROS for must-haves like keyboards, speakers, printers, or mice. Keep your tech up and running with power strips and battery backups, and streamline dorm room tech operations with cord organizers and extra chargers. Take assignments to the next level with a large external monitor or set of high-fidelity wireless speakers.

Software: From Microsoft Office to a range of security software, Computer PROS has the software students need to complete their assignments and produce A-worthy work. Visit our store to browse a selection of the latest software and let us handle software installation, setups, and updates.

2016 Student Savings

During the back to school season, Computer PROS offers a number of savings plans to help students find the right products at the right price. When you shop at Computer PROS, enjoy competitive prices while also supporting a locally owned and operated business. In addition to saving big during Tax-free weekend on July 29-31 this year, you can take advantage of the following offers:

  • Computer PROS Lifetime PRO Care Plan: Our care plans are designed to provide customers the support and guidance they need to keep their products running smoothly for years to come. As Apple and Lenovo authorized service providers, we are qualified to care for all Mac and PC products — and with decades of combined experience in computing technology and electronics, there isn’t a single problem we can’t overcome on any device. During Tax-free weekend , we’ll be offering a special discount on our Computer PROS Lifetime PRO Care Plan. This robust care plan allows students to seek immediate support for their laptops and other tech products without worrying about surprise costs. We can’t tell you how many Lipscomb and Belmont assignments we’ve saved over the years!
  • Trade-Ins: Safely dispose of old electronics, extend the life of your laptop or other device, help preserve the environment, and save on your next purchase by participating in Computer PROS’ trade-in service. We’ll assess the monetary value of any electronic device you bring in and deduct the value from your final purchase price. During Tax-free weekend , Computer PROS will offer additional trade-in savings to help our students save even more.
  • PC and Mac Bundles: Our bundle packages are perfect for students looking to upgrade their entire system for 2016. During Tax-free weekend , enjoy discounts on the following bundles:
  • Save 20% on our student PC bundle: The PC bundle includes a 1TB external hard drive, carrying case, screen cleaning kit, and
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student: Usually priced at $319, this bundle will be available for $249 during Tax-free weekend .
  • Save 20% on our student Mac bundle: The Mac bundle includes a 1 TB external hard drive, carrying case, screen cleaning kit, and Microsoft Office for Mac 2016. Usually priced at $319, this bundle will be available for $249 during Tax-free weekend .
  • Save 20% on our Mac or PC Pac: The Mac Pac and PC Pac include our Lifetime PRO Care Plan, a 1TB external hard drive, carrying case, screen cleaning kit, and Microsoft Office for Mac or PC 2016. Usually priced at $818, these bundles will be available for only $649 during Tax-free weekend . That’s $169 in savings!
  • Order ahead: Avoid stress, take advantage of sales, and ensure that the products you want are in stock and ready for pickup by placing your Tax-free weekend order with Computer PROS now. Come into our store or give us a call for a free consultation on which items are best suited for your student needs, place your order, and pre-pay in full. During Tax-free weekend , simply drop by the store, skip the lines, and pick up your order.

We’re fully stocked to meet all of your student tech needs for 2016 and beyond. Visit Computer PROS and enjoy savings all year long, especially during Tax-free weekend !