Computer Pros Repair Services. Macs & PCs & More

Apple Authorized Service Center – Let Computer Pros perform your in-warranty Applecare® service or your out-of-warranty service, too! iPhone Authorized Service – Rest assured knowing that your iPhone® will be repaired using Genuine Apple parts! Lenovo Authorized Service Center – Computer Pros will gladly repair your Lenovo Think® Branded Products! Plus we can repair and upgrade ALL major computer brands and resolve ALL of your computer issues!

Standard Diagnostic Service:
Find out what's wrong with your Mac or PC

Operating System Installation: 
Re-install your Windows® or Mac® Operating System

Component Installation:
Install and Configure Video Card, Sound Card,
Processor, Hard Drive, etc

System Cleaning:
Thoroughly clean out computer inside and out.
Recommended 1-2 times per year

System Tune-Up: 
Computer running slow? Let us tune it up
and make it run like new again!
On-Site Hourly Rate: 
Need us to come on-site? No Problem! We will come to your place and fix your PC or Mac® problems, configure your wireless network plus many other high-tech services!

System Maintenance:
Combine the System Maintenance and System Tune-Up
for total computer rejuvenation and save.

Virus/Spyware Removal:
Remove Viruses and Spyware off of your Mac® or PC

In-Store Hourly Rate: 
This covers any services not covered above.

System Recycle:
Don't throw your old unit in the dumpster. Be Green!
Let us responsibly dispose of it for FREE!