Computer PROS Named as Nashville Business Journal Small Business of the Year Finalist

Computer PROS is honored to have recently been named a finalist in the Nashville Business Journal’s 2016 Small Business of the Year Awards! To celebrate, we sat down with CEO Josh Boyd to learn more about his award-winning approach to doing business. Learn more about our company’s history and then hear from our founder in our five-question interview.

About Computer PROS:

Founded in 2009, Computer PROS provides IT solutions for both consumers and businesses. The local Green Hills store has a wide range of new and refurbished computers, software, sound systems, and accessories. After working with many small businesses and consumers shortly after the company was founded, Computer PROS recognized a need for quality IT consultants and computer repair services in Nashville-Davidson county and beyond. Today, the local IT company operates a commercial consulting and IT support services division in addition to its retail store. Computer PROS has provided thousands of machines to schools, businesses, and residents across and beyond the city. The company employs 15+ staff members.

Interview with Josh Boyd, CEO:

What inspired you to open Computer PROS?

I saw a need in the market for a local company that could provide high-quality IT products and services to both businesses and consumers. In today’s mobile market, the lines between businesses and consumers continue to be blurred and we want to serve all ranges of the spectrum including individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large organizations.

I also decided to start our company because I wanted to help people who needed one-on-one attention in a calm, low-distraction environment. Most people don’t like shopping or getting their computers repaired in big-box stores or malls. They want a specialist to be able to sit down with them, discuss their goals and challenges, and provide an easy solution in layman’s terms. Six years later, Computer PROS continues to follow the same philosophy that we were founded upon.

Why do you think Computer PROS is a favorite place for Nashvillians to shop local?

People love to shop with us because they can park right in front of our store, walk in, and talk to someone face-to-face. For computer service and repair, they don’t have to go to a parking garage or carry a heavy computer through a busy, crowded parking lot. In fact, we always make an effort to come out to customers’ cars and help carry the computer for them in order to make their experience less stressful. Part of our mission statement is to “treat every customer with a white-glove experience,” and we make sure to put those words into action in every way we serve our customers.

In addition to our high-quality service, I think that people love to shop local at Computer PROS because we have a great selection of products. We carry the latest models of brands people want, like Apple, Lenovo, and Sonos. Our customers can buy brand-new machines or take advantage of our trade-in programs and refurbished selection. And at a local computer shop like ours, they’ll get to consult with an expert who understands their needs and can help them make the best choice.

What sets your business apart from other computer stores?

For one, I think that our products, prices, and expertise exceed any other local computer store in the Nashville-Davidson area – as well as online retailers and big-box stores that simply can’t provide the guidance and support that our staff does. At Computer PROS, we work one-on-one with customers to make sure that they solve their IT problems for the long-term and have the right products and tools to use their computers easily and efficiently.

In order to provide this level of service, we take our hiring and training processes very seriously. We screen job candidates based on four major personality traits to make sure they have the types of qualities that make the best team member. Our staff has a natural desire to serve others and go the extra mile to make sure customers are satisfied.

What do you love the most about your job?

My favorite thing about working at Computer PROS is knowing that every day I get to help people. Whether it’s working with our retail team to help a Nashville-area mother try to find the right computer or software to manage the demands of her own needs, family, and career, or a business owner looking for the right IT to make his business goals a reality, the people I get to work with inspire me to keep making my company better and better. It’s really rewarding to manage a local store where people can come and solve their problems.

And, of course, I’m a technology geek at heart. I’ve always loved computers and continue to passionately follow the latest trends in the tech space. Whether it’s restoring and fixing an older machine or testing out the latest model from a major brand, I simply love working with technology. I’m lucky that I get to interact with people and products that I love every day.

What’s the most common piece of advice you give to customers?

To be honest, I think the most important piece of advice I give to customers is to seriously consider what they need out of a computer and what type of tools will best serve their lifestyle. People often come in to purchase the latest computer or software simply because they hear it’s the best or because it’s new to the market, but not because it actually solves their unique technology problems. That’s why our staff is here – to help customers understand what their technology problems are and identify the best solutions to solve them within their budget and preferences.